All We Want for Christmas

All We Want for Christmas

Dear Santa


DIT Instructor Josh Oxley Wants the Broco Backpack System:JoshOxley2

Designed by divers and for divers, Broco’s underwater exothermic cutting and welding torches, stingers, rods and electrodes set the standard. They also make a backpack that is much more than just a tote on your shoulders; it’s a whole system that allows side-by-side use of Broco’s exothermic torch and respiratory protection.

This is cool because you can cut or burn ANYTHING and be mobile while doing it. It is everything I use for underwater burning, right on your back and is AWESOME!!!!  It comes with a “SCUBA” type face mask to supply fresh air and full face protection while using!“


DIT Instructor Matt Jones Wants the Outland Tech Complete Color Portable Video System: MattJonesChristmas

Move over, waterproof iPhone cases, and make way for a beast in underwater video – Outland Tech’s DVR systems, built tough for real underwater working conditions.

“It’s a lot easier to satisfy the customer when you can show them how the job is getting done.  Outland Tech’s compact, portable camera and light package with monitor and DVR does the trick.”





Lighthouse Scuba’s Manager and DIT Grad Jason Cole Wants the SOLA 2000 lumen Dive Light:  

There are soJason many lights out there to get, that it’s really hard to decide which  is the best one (for you). Jason Cole beat Santa to it and got his own gift early – and it’s so good he gave us the scoop!

“I am NAUI Instructor and a commercial diver. I just bought the new SOLA 2000 lumen dive light. The reason I absolutely love this light is because it’s a dual purpose tool. For recreational diving it has a spotlight option or a flood option for taking pictures and video – all hands-free because of the Goodman handle it comes set up with. For my commercial diving work, the handle detaches and it will adapt to ball attachments for putting on underwater hard hats or lightweight commercial breathing rigs. It’s durable and puts out more light than I could ever use.”



DIT Instructor and Hatroom Manager Mike Wendlandt:Plated USN Mark V (2)

And then, of course, central to diving history and technology over the years… our love for hats and helmets. Mike is drooling over the much-coveted, classic MARK V helmet, a game-changer for the diving world at its invention in 1915.

“I wish Santa would bring me a U.S. Navy MARK V Diving helmet for my mantlepiece above the fireplace. I have always wanted one and now that I am a ‘Hairy Chested Deep Sea Diver’ it would be the ultimate centerpiece!! I think it would really bring the room together!”



DIT Grad & International SAT Diver Jadon Anderson Wants the Impossible:JadonCallingHomefromthedeapsea (2)

And then of course, there are some of us who just wish that Santa was a magician! Jadon wants, “Internet that works 100% of the time, with enough bandwidth so you can FaceTime or Skype… When you’re offshore!!”

Jadon, even on land, the Internet doesn’t work 100% of the time. Sigh, we wish it would though, Santa. Maybe you can just start a North Pole-based internet service provider? Well, until then we’ll just have to keep wishing. But how about all those gadgets?

Happy holidays, everyone!

Written for DIT by Londi Gamezde



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