Video Shoot at D.I.T.

Video Shoot at D.I.T.

 Video Shoot Captures The Action At D.I.T.

Josh Interview

If you were on campus last Wednesday and Thursday, you might have seen a camera crew running around getting shots of divers in action. If you were part of the action in the welding tanks or on barges 6, 7, or 8, you might become a YouTube star!

DIT is producing a series of short videos to post to YouTube to show people what it is like to train for a career in commercial diving at DIT.

The filming took place on August 20th & 21st. The video crew got shots of underwater welding, burning, hydraulic tools, and salvage. They also filmed topside welding, topside burning, and several interviews with instructors explaining how they teach their subjects.

Filming in Welding Tanks

Perhaps one of the most exciting moments was filming underwater burning through a large pipe with the letters D.I.T. cut into it. Instructor Josh Oxley burned behind it, causing the letters to light up in flame before the camera.

While no one at D.I.T. seemed to enjoy being in front of the camera, the instructors summoned their courage for their interviews, spoke wisely, and even managed to crack a joke here and there. With Director of Training Boy Kayona coordinating the shoot, Admissions specialist Nick Crivello as a second camera person, Admins Kelsey Badion and Michelle Perrigo on site making sure everything ran smoothly, and instructor Bradley Peterson making sure the videographer didn’t drown, the filming was a real group effort!

JP Interview

Now the footage is on the editing table, getting crafted into a final product. The final edits will be 10 to 12 short videos showing a variety of subjects such as “What is underwater burning like?”, “How do you salvage a sunken boat?” or “Underwater Chainsaws? Heck Yeah!”. We will all be able to see the finished videos in a few weeks when they will be posted to YouTube.

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