Veterans Not Out of Their League

Veterans Not Out of Their League

After Matt Molina had finished his four years in the Air Force, he wasn’t quite sure what he wanted to do next.

He went back to school for a bit. Then got a steady job as a heating, ventilation and air conditioning specialist.

“It was a good job, but I was super bored,” the former aircraft electrician said.

Now, he’s found a direction that suits him. Molina is a student at a diver’s institute in Seattle, where he’s learning to be a commercial diver — and he’s not the only one to find that it’s a good fit. Former service members are so sought after by employers, the school is not only actively recruiting them but creating programs with military veterans in mind.

“Our industry is begging, as funny as that sounds, just begging for vets,” Diver’s Institute of Technology Director of Veterans Affairs Brad Grantz said.

For more on this story, see the article, “Veterans Not Out of Their League Under the Sea,” by Marisa Petrich of Northwest Guardian .

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