Underwater Park in Mexico to Feature Sunken Battleship

Underwater Park in Mexico to Feature Sunken Battleship

underwater parkIn Mexico, plans are underway to open an underwater park off the coast of Baja California to attract divers from around the world, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Rosarito Underwater Park, which will be known in Mexico as Parque Submarino Rosarito, is slated to open this year and will feature an eye-catching artificial reef and a sunken battleship donated by the Mexican Navy — not to mention all the dazzling marine wildlife already present.

The Battleship

The battleship, named Uribe 121, is a decommissioned patrol boat that was originally based in Manzanillo but was slated to be towed to Baja’s Port of Ensenada over the weekend, the article explained. The ship will be cleaned to prevent environmental damage and modified in a way that makes it more accessible to divers.

For example, lighting will be added to improve visibility inside the ship. Also, doors will be removed and entry points added to allow divers to easily slip in and explore. Once the ship has been prepped for diving tourism, it will eventually be sunk to the bottom of the sea to become the underwater park’s big draw.

Other Plans for the Park

The park’s planners hope to eventually add more old ships and even sculptures to the underwater park to create more points of interest. However, the project’s planners still need about $527,000 (or 7 million pesos) to pay for the work involved in sinking the first ship and for an environmental impact study, the article noted.

Organizers hope the park will draw 100,000 visitors a year and provide a substantial boost to local tourism, including increased local hotel stays and restaurant visits.

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(Photo via San Diego Red)

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