Time-Lapse Video: Costa Concordia Pulled Upright at Last

Time-Lapse Video: Costa Concordia Pulled Upright at Last

The capsized Costa Concordia cruise ship, which had been lying on its starboard side for about 20 months, was finally turned upright in a lengthy process that lasted all of Monday and into Tuesday, according to BBC News Europe. This time-lapse video by the BBC captures the painstaking process from start to finish.

Rotating the ship was an important step forward in the massive salvage operation of the cruise ship, which ran aground off the coast of Italy in January 2012, killing 32 people. The ship is currently sitting on an underwater steel platform situated on the sea bed.

What’s Next?

Salvage workers are hoping to recover the bodies of two victims of the Costa Concordia disaster that were not found when the ship was first searched. Officials will inspect the ship and begin preparations to attach sponsons, hollow steel boxes that will help to keep it afloat. Eventually the Costa Concordia will be pulled to the mainland and dismantled.

How Much Did It Cost?

So far the salvage operation has cost more than 600m euros, or $800 million in U.S. dollars, but the costs are expected to soar even higher before the difficult operation is finished, the BBC article noted.

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