Superstorm Christine Reveals Century-Old Sunbeam Shipwreck in Ireland

Superstorm Christine Reveals Century-Old Sunbeam Shipwreck in Ireland

Divers_shipwreck superstorm ChristineNot much good came from Superstorm Christine, one of the most savage storms to strike the shores of Ireland in recent memory.

The massive storm pummeled the country’s coastline for days earlier this month, destroying buildings, causing extensive flooding and leaving thousands without electricity, according to the Independent.

A small silver lining, however, is the powerful storm uncovered an 111-year-old shipwreck, the Huffington Post reported.

What Is Known About the Shipwreck?

The shipwreck is a British wooden schooner called The Sunbeam that was built in the 1860s in Exmouth and ran aground in Ireland on the coast of County Kerry back 1903, according to news reports. Before the storm, the well-known wreckage had been buried deeply in the sands at Rossbeigh beach with only its gunnel visible. It was frequently photographed in its previous state.

After the storm, however, the entirety of the ship’s timbers was uncovered. The shipwreck is now drawing the curious eyes of locals and other spectators who want a closer look at the old shipwreck.

What Will Become of the Wreckage?

The future of The Sunbeam shipwreck is uncertain, but some residents would like to eventually see what is left of the old schooner moved to the county museum before it further deteriorates from the elements. The National Monuments Service in the Republic of Ireland reportedly also wants to ensure the wreckage is safe from souvenir hunters now that it is exposed, the BBC reported.

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(Image via Huffington Post, sourced from the Twitter of Seán Mac an tSíthigh @Buailtin)

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