The Office of the Registrar provides document services for current and former students, DIT Alumni, educational institutions and industry employers. You can contact our registrar at [email protected].

Transcripts and Certificates

At graduation, each student will receive an official DIT transcript and certificates earned. Former students and DIT Alumni may order replacements or extra copies. Note: Documents may be withheld if students fail to meet academic standards or financial obligations.

Request Transcripts

Progress Reports

At any point during the 900-hour program, students may request a Progress Report. Students may also place a standing order for Progress Reports to be sent to family members, guardians or sponsors on a monthly basis.

Vehicle Letters

This document allows students with out-of-state vehicles and/or licenses to drive in Washington State for the length of their school enrollment at DIT.

Insurance Letters

After paying the application fee, incoming students may request an Insurance Letter for verification of enrollment.

Required Books

Students receive a Dive Log with student identification photo, DIT Dive Manual and a DIT Workbook on their first day. If lost, damaged or stolen, these items can be replaced at the following cost:

  • Dive Log: $21.00
  • Dive Manual: $45.00
  • Dive Workbook: $65.00

Passport Assistance

For currently enrolled students and alumni travelling internationally, assistance with the forms and passport application process is available.