DIT is proud of its graduates, and we invite family and friends to celebrate their accomplishments. Graduation takes place at Divers Institute of Technology’s facility on Lake Union. The ceremony includes remarks by DIT’s Executive Director, John Paul Johnston, awarding of the honor grad scholarship , as well as the presentation of diplomas and certifications to each graduate. Refreshments are served following the ceremony. Graduation ceremony & reception last approximately 1 hour.

All guests must RSVP to their graduating student two weeks before the date of graduation.

1341 N Northlake Way, Suite 150, Seattle, WA 98103 on Google Maps

DIT Graduation Dates

104-19ThursdayNovember 7, 20192:00 PM
105-19TuesdayDecember 10, 20193:00 PM
106-19ThursdayJanuary 9, 20202:00 PM
107-19ThursdayFebruary 6, 20202:00 PM
108-19ThursdayMarch 5, 20202:00 PM
109-19ThursdayApril 2, 20202:00 PM
110-19ThursdayApril 30, 20202:00 PM
111-19FridayMay 29, 20202:00 PM
112-19ThursdayJune 25, 20202:00 PM
101-20ThursdayJuly 30, 20202:00 PM
102-20ThursdayAugust 27, 20202:00 PM
103-20ThursdaySeptember 24, 20202:00 PM

Graduation times may vary. Please check with your DIT graduate.