Cost of Attendance

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This section lists the total cost a student would incur to complete a program within the normal length of time indicated by the Institute, including tuition*, fees, and additional living expenses.

As with most institutions, at DIT, the responsibility for funding education rests first with students and their families. Students are expected to meet a portion of their expenses from earnings and savings, while parents are expected to contribute according to their financial responsibility as determined by federal formula. To assist you and your family with the planning process, DIT provides budgets showing expected living costs while in school.

Cost of Attendance Budget

Divers Institute of Technology
(independent student living away from home)

Tuition $25,900
Off-campus room and board $8,400
Travel $1,268
Personal and Miscellaneous $2,592
Gear & Physical Up to $4405
Total Cost Of Attendance $42,565

While going through training at the Divers Institute of Technology, I was impressed with the willingness of the staff to work with students as individuals; I never felt that I was just a number. I left DIT with the skills needed and the confidence to be successful in my career. I continue to have opportunities I attribute in large part to the staff and instructors – many of whom are still available to share their advice and experience with myself and other alumni.

– William WebbROV Operator at Oceaneering Intl.

Budgets Include the Following:

  • Full-time tuition and fees
  • Allowances for books, gear, off-site room & board, food, utilities
  • Personal, transportation, and miscellaneous expenses

Except tuition and fees, all costs are based upon average expenses for most students. Each student’s lifestyle determines how much his or her cost of attendance will be. DIT uses a modest, adequate living allowance to provide for reasonable expenditures. You can not exceed the Total Cost of Attendance.

*Note: Tuition is subject to change with a minimum of six months’ notice.

Median Loan Debt

This section lists the median loan debt incurred by students in the 2013-2014 school year by federal student loans, institutional financing, and private educational loans. DIT lists this information as an average of all students who received aid for a given year rather than by individual program:

Award Year Median Loan Debt Alternative Loans School Loans
2013-2014 $7,730 $16,158 $5209

Professional, Commercial Diver Cost of Program

Cost of Program
Tuition & Fees $25,900
Gear and Physical Up to $4405
Off-Campus Room & Board $8,400
Length of Program
Intended Time to Complete 28 weeks
% of Graduates Who Complete on Time 88% (267 graduated of 303 students available for graduation from June 2017-May 2018, as reported to ACCSC Oct. 1, 2019).
Jobs Related to This Program: Commercial Divers (49-9092)
Job Placement Rate 86%

(217 placed out of 252 students available for employment from June 2017-May 2018). DIT Job Placement Rates are verified by third-party with total employed out of total graduates available for employment each year.) In addition, net price information is available on DIT’s College Navigator profile on the U.S. Department of Education website.

Return of Title IV Funds

DIT’s Refund Policy operates independently from the Return of Title IV and State Funds Policy required for all financial aid recipients. For a full description of the Return of Title IV Funds policy, Please refer to your Enrollment Agreement or the Catalog.

Institutional Refund Policy

See the “Cancellation and Refund Policies” section of the Course Catalog for more information.

Withdrawal from the Institute

If at any time a student decides to leave DIT, it is absolutely necessary for him or her to make an appointment with the Financial Aid Office for an exit interview prior to leaving the Institute. This applies to students who are withdrawing and/or transferring to another institution. Failure to meet for an exit interview may increase the risk of defaulting on student loans, as well as incurring a potential liability for DIT for not maintaining compliance with a federal requirement. Students who withdraw may be subject to the return of Title IV Funds.

Entrance Counseling and Exit Counseling

Federal regulations require students to complete loan counseling prior to receiving their first disbursement and prior to leaving school. DIT encourages students to complete this requirement online.

Exit CounselingNational Student Loan Data System

Satisfactory Academic Progress** for Financial Aid

DIT’s policy on Satisfactory Academic Progress for Financial Aid covers guidelines for students on academic warnings, the process on appeals for students, and the process for re-establishing financial aid eligibility. The student may not be on probation and receive Federal funds. Once students meet the requirements, Financial Aid disbursements will resume.

**For more information on Satisfactory Academic Progress, view the Satisfactory Progress section of the Student Information Guide.


Federal regulations require institutes to confirm, via a standardized verification process, the accuracy of the information provided by students on their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) in order to ensure that students receive all the financial aid to which they are entitled. At least 30% of students who apply for financial aid assistance are selected for this process.

Students selected for verification are required by the U.S. Department of Education and DIT to supply their previous year’s signed income tax return(s), all attachments, and W-2s to confirm that the information they submitted through the FAFSA is truthful and correct. After the verification process, awards may be reduced due to a change in the Expected Family Contribution (EFC), via the FAFSA. Students will be notified of any changes to their financial aid award.

Study Abroad

DIT does not offer study abroad programs at this time.

Student Athletes

DIT does not participate in federally regulated college athletics programs, thus the requirements for student athletes who receive financial aid are not applicable to the Institute.


Federal regulations require schools to disclose the terms and conditions of any employment that is part of a financial aid package. DIT Institute of Technology does not participate in employment as part of a financial aid package.

Preferred Lenders

DIT does not have any preferred lender arrangements.
For additional information regarding consumer information related to student financial assistance:

Please visit
Email [email protected]
Call 1-800-634-8377

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