Spectacular Underwater City in China Draws Adventurous Divers

Spectacular Underwater City in China Draws Adventurous Divers

underwater cityAn ancient Chinese city that was intentionally flooded so that a new hydroelectric power station could be built has now become a popular diving destination for tourists, according to the Huffington Post UK.

The underwater city of Shi Cheng, nicknamed the Lion City because it was surrounded by the region’s Five Lion Mountain in the Zhejiang province, was submerged and its residents relocated back in 1959 when the Chinese government erected a dam, according to the Daily Star. Over time, the dam caused the area to slowly fill with water. The man-made lake that covers the city has since been named Qiandao Lake.

How Deep Is the Underwater City?

underwater cityThe city sits between 85 and 131 feet underwater, the article explains.

After so many years under water, the city’s structures are remarkably preserved.

Trend Toward Underwater Attractions

A trend seems to be emerging for countries around the world to encourage diving tourism. For example, Baja California in Mexico is intentionally sinking a decommissioned battleship to be part of an underwater park. Elsewhere, underwater sculpture galleries have gone up along the coast of Mexico, Grenada and the Bahamas.

Beyond this, underwater hotels have popped up in countries around the world as well. It turns out people don’t just want to work underwater, but they want to play there as well.

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(Photos via the Huffington Post UK)

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