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Commercial diving Schools

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Veteran with a Plan: DIT Grad Damon Beattie

Veteran Representatives Guide Vets in Academic Pursuits & Post-Service Challenges at DIT

Commercial Diving on an Oil Rig: The Thrills and Dangers of Working with Offshore Equipment

Why Choose DIT For Your Commercial Diving Training

Commercial diving offers one of the best returns on investment […]

How DIT Prepares Divers for the Physics of Underwater Work

First comes the theory, then comes the practice. Understanding how the […]

A Diver’s Best Friend: The Dive Chamber Operator

Humans were not made to be underwater. As if commercial divers […]

How to Become a Commercial Diving Instructor

“Those who know, do. Those that understand, teach.” ― Aristotle. The […]

Breathing Underwater: The Science Of Diving

Without the air in our atmosphere, there would be no […]

Facing Tragedy: The Making Of A Hero In The Midst of Suffering

People are often defined by life-changing moments.  Some of these […]

The Stuff Heroes Are Made Of: DIT Graduates Following Their Dreams And Changing The World

Commercial divers are heroes. For average men and women with high […]

Non-Destructive Testing: Answering The Call To Underwater Inspection

The Golden Gate Bridge is 1.7 miles long and carries […]

Salvage Part 3: ROVs and Salvage

Ask anyone in the know who found the wreck of […]

Salvage Part 2: Big Salvage Jobs Being Done Around the World

As kids, we all dreamed of finding an ancient treasure […]

Salvage Part I: 5 Rules of Salvage Diving

Have you ever dreamt of exploring the ocean for lost […]

HAZMAT and Hurricanes: DIT Grad Theo Matthews Shines In the Midst of Dark Times

From an early age, Theo Matthews, a graduate of Diver’s […]

Life under the Sea: Another New Frontier

There’s no doubt space holds many secrets yet to be […]

What In The World Is Underwater Welding?

Do you think you’ve got what it takes to become […]

Dangers of Commercial Diving and How to Stay Safe

The number one priority of any diver operator is safety. […]

4 Most Common Commercial Diving Industries Around the World

A commercial diver who trains in the US will most […]

Divers Institute of Technology Celebrates 50 years serving the commercial diving industry.

Divers Institute of Technology in Seattle is pleased to celebrate […]

5 Most Common Commercial Diving Locations In The US

The high of having completed the commercial diving course is […]

Diving In One of The World’s Most Dangerous Environments: DIT Instructor Britt Coates On Working In Antarctica

It is not every day that a commercial diver gets […]

The Road to Becoming a Commercial Diver: A Timeline

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Scuba Diving In The Puget Sound

It may be hard to believe that one of the […]

Commercial Diving on an Oil Rig: The Thrills and Dangers of Working with Offshore Equipment

The Divers Institute of Technology (DIT) offers a commercial diving […]

Underwater Welding and The Military: A DIT Instructor Teaches Wet Welding at a Pearl Harbor Naval Base

Jim Bernacki is an underwater welding instructor at Divers Institute […]

Preparing for Deep Diving: How DIT Trains Students for Saturation Diving

Being a commercial diver may be one of the hardest […]

From Air to Sea: Mat Burich Goes From Aerospace Engineer to Marine Engineer

Mat Burich, a graduate of Divers Institute of Technology, lives […]

Why Seattle is an Important Center for Commercial Diving Training

For anyone who has ever visited Seattle, home of Divers […]

Bruce Banks receives Lifetime Achievement Award from DCBC

Bruce Banks, CDR USN (Ret) and DIT’s long-time managing owner, […]

A Fishy Business: DIT Grad Jake Green on His Life As A Fisherman, Diver, and Businessman.

The love of water is common for those who choose […]

Into the blue


Life-Altering Work: DIT Grad Spenser Wigsten On Helping After the Hurricanes

Spenser Wigsten, a graduate from Diver’s Institute of Technology (DIT), […]

DIT Instructor Jason Lott: Deep Sea Expert and International Diver

Enduring long hours deep beneath the ocean surface is risky […]

A Diver In Haiti: DIT Grad Tyler Sanders’ Great Adventure In the Caribbean

Tyler Sanders’ first commercial diving job wasn’t in Caribbean waters. […]

How To Achieve A Successful Diving Career: DIT Grad Troy Gessner on His 22 Years in the Industry

For a college student, success is getting a job with […]

Travel, Torches, and Time Crunches: DIT Grad Stanley Zabek Takes His Job on Cruise Ships

For Stanley Zabek, a San Diego native, life as a […]

New to the Crew: 3 Instructors Climb Aboard at DIT

Jason Conover, Jason Lott, and Jason Cole have a lot […]

Diving in the Desert: DIT Grad Takes Salvage Skills to a New Frontier

Will Deans’ journey into commercial diving was long and challenging. […]

Going Nuclear: The DIT Trio Under a Reactor

Going Nuclear: The DIT Trio Under a Reactor When someone mentions […]

Commercial Diving Equipment: Roles & Learning how to Use It

Shoes? Check. Shirt? Check. Inflation whip? Check. For most people, there’s only a […]

Veteran Representatives Guide Vets in Academic Pursuits & Post-Service Challenges at DIT

Veteran’s Day is a day to commemorate men and women […]

Decades in the Deep: A DIT Grad on His 45 Year-long Career

Rusty Bryant launched into commercial diving when divers were “purple […]

Military Might: DIT Grad Mike Finds Dream Job

Mike Hummel’s jobs might be typical for a commercial diver, […]

Veteran with a Plan: DIT Grad Damon Beattie

Most people don’t have the privilege of landing a career […]

DIT’s Advanced Training Courses: How Divers Can Increase Their Marketability

Knowledge is power. In commercial diving, advanced certifications provide knowledge that […]

Seattle: Through the Eyes of Commercial Diving Students

Thriving. Scenic. Diverse. There are many ways to describe Seattle. “The […]

NDT Certifications at DIT: Advancing Into the Future with High-Tech Inspection

Inspections are an important part of commercial diving. Ships, oil […]

Into the World of Underwater Welding: Featured DIT Graduate Travis Knauss

Divers Institute of Technology (DIT) graduate Travis had plenty of […]

Salvage Boat 2.0: Building a Vessel From the Seafloor Up

What goes down must come up. That’s the slogan of every […]

From Military to Business: DIT Grad Matt Navigates His Diving Career

“My office chair is at 150 feet underwater. My coworkers […]

Hard Work Offshore & Smart Savings for DIT Graduate Millee Fritz

Clock in at 9am. Out the door at 5pm. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. […]

The DIT Experience from Start to Finish: Featured Grad Hunter Prock

I didn’t have any experience in the diving industry. I […]

Finding your Equilibrium: Inside DIT’s Physics & Medicine Module

Inside a hyperbaric chamber, life is different. Space is tight – […]

Brace Yourself: Riser Clamp Project Prepares Students for Offshore

Wind. Rain. Heavy waves, rising up and pummeling down into […]

Jumping into International Waters Part II: Projects

Want to travel the world? Some commercial divers do it on […]

Jumping Into International Waters Part 1: Preparation

Commercial divers’ careers take them a lot of places: Lakes, […]

2015 DIT Grads At Work

DIT loves catching up with our grads &  seeing what […]

Swimming in Water Towers: Featured Grad Chris Kipp Applies DIT Training to Inland Diving

Chris, a graduate of Divers Institute of Technology (DIT), lived […]

Slicing & Dicing: Operating Underwater Chainsaws & Hydraulic Tools

Ever sliced through a tree with a chainsaw? Try again, but […]

Hanging Up the Camouflage and Putting on a Dry Suit:

Veteran Students Transition into Civilian Life at DIT For the third […]

Landing Jobs in Commercial Diving: Realities & Strategies

Jobs. “It’s all about being willing to go where the […]

Keeping Sea Lions at Bay: DIT Grad Ryan Krauss’ Latest Inland Diving Project

Stopping sea lions. Just another day in the life of Ryan […]

Brave New World: One of DIT’s First Female Divers Recalls Her Training

“The size of the classes is remarkable. We had 14 […]

Inland Diving: Another Angle

Offshore or Inland. Where would you prefer to dive? Inland commercial […]

Hard Work, Persistence & Loyalty Pay Off for DIT Grad

Featured Graduate: Nick Mueller In the diving world, experience is worth […]

Commercial Versus SCUBA: Diving Essentials

Imagine a commercial diver. What pops into your head? Serene underwater […]

Swimming in Sewage: HAZMAT Training and Projects

Ah, crap. In the HAZMAT world, commercial divers use this phrase […]

Rewards of Teaching: Interview with DIT’s Jim Bernacki

(Originally Written for Water Welders 2/18/2015) My training started with welding […]

Underwater Welding & Burning: 6,500 – 10,000° F Under the Sea

Tink…tink. Under the water, metal sounds different. It’s high pitched […]

5 Reasons to Come to Dive School at DIT

Divers Institute of Technology is proud of its faculty and […]

DIT Students Dive Gorski Hat with Inventor Les Gorski

In April, Aqualung’s Gorski hat inventor, Les Gorski, stopped by […]

Three hard-core, hands-On DIT grads share their experiences

A military diesel mechanic, a builder and a business owner […]

DIT Featured as “World Class” Educational Facility – UnderWater Magazine 2015

DIT was recently featured in an article in UnderWater Magazine’s […]

At the Crux of Life and Death Underwater:

Go-getter Bradley Peterson on being a Diver Medic, Exciting Jobs, […]

8 Jobs a Commercial Diving Career Might Lead You To

Offshore diving: The Gulf and Beyond In 2013, 66% of the […]

DIT Grads At Work: 8 Cool Photos

DIT loves how its  graduates stay in touch by stopping […]

Staying Alive in Dirty Dives: Mike Wendlandt on Dive Hats

Mike Wendlandt, Director of Life Support at DIT and self-proclaimed […]

Dive Hat Creator Les Gorski: A Self-Made Man

With one big idea for a more comfortable, simpler diving […]

What in the World is Nuclear Diving?

Commercial diving takes our human bodies to pretty extreme places […]

Come Fly With Me: Will Webb, ROV Tech

Like many divers at heart, Will Webb is a man […]

Diving in Alaska: Part Excitement, Part Fear

An Interview with DIT Graduate Josh de Monbrun Where there […]

Getting Hired: Advice from the Industry

Getting Your First Dive Job After Graduation So, you’re about […]

All We Want for Christmas

  DIT Instructor Josh Oxley Wants the Broco Backpack System: […]

Inland Diving: What It’s All About

  What do Inland Divers Do? When a bridge, dam, pier, […]

Diving for the Ocean: Jonathan Potts, Marine Ecologist

“I guess you could say I got to DIT through […]

Featured Profile: Willy Wilson

During the holiday season we reflect on and express gratitude […]

Women in Commercial Diving: Small, Confident, and Smart!

DIT Instructor Mandy Buchmeier Talks About Women in Commercial Diving: Written […]

Diving and the Joy of Being Home

Diving and the Joy of being Home Interview with Veteran, DIT […]

Featured Graduate: Sam Simpson

Dancer, Surfer, Fisher, TV Star: Diver Sam Simpson written for DIT […]

Exploring Saturation Diving with International Diver Jadon Anderson

Exploring Saturation Diving with International Diver Jadon Anderson The deeper we […]

Men of Honor: Actors, Navy and DIT Staff

Making Men of Honor: How DIT Helped to Train this […]

Salvage Dives Around the World

Written for DIT by Londi Gamezde Ever wonder what happens when […]

Diver’s Institute Earns Military-Friendly Designation

Divers’ Institute Earns Military-Friendly Designation Written for DIT by Londi Gamedze Serving […]

Featured Graduate: Kevin Lewis

Kevin Lewis: DIT grads excelling in the Gulf Written for D.I.T. […]

A Day In The Life Of An Offshore Diver part II

Written for DIT by Londi Gamedze First Offshore, Then World Three DIT […]

A Day In The Life Of An Offshore Diver part 1

Work Hard Offshore, Play Hard Onshore Written for DIT by Londi Gamedze […]

Divers Institute of Technology Honored by Department of Defense for Patriotic Support of Employees Serving in the Guard and Reserve

  Seattle, Wash. – Washington Employer Support of the Guard […]

Video Shoot at D.I.T.

 Video Shoot Captures The Action At D.I.T. If you were […]

DIT Student Rescues Seattle Police Captain And Wife

DJ Campbell is a U.S. Navy veteran and commercial diving […]

$1.3M in Gold Recovered from SS Central America Shipwreck

In mid-April, ocean explorers recovered nearly 1,000 ounces of gold […]

Historic Shipwreck Near San Francisco Tells Tale of Heroism

NOAA recently identified a 19th-century shipwreck near the Golden Gate […]

U.S. Navy to Help with South Korean Ferry Salvage

The U.S. Navy is offering its assistance with the salvage […]

Reservoir Inspections: A Job for Skilled Divers

Underwater inspections are an important sector of the commercial diving […]

Army Sergeant Makes a Splash Re-Enlisting Underwater

A soldier re-enlisting in the U.S. Army isn’t typically a […]

Divers Helped in Aftermath of La Conner Marina Fire

Commercial divers are occasionally called upon to do high-profile work […]

Diving Team to Search for Unexploded Ordnance off Kuwait

Finding unexploded bombs underwater and safely disposing of them might […]

Commercial Divers Help Repair Ship’s Propellers off Singapore

Commercial diving is an international career that can literally take […]

Google Underwater Street View Lets You Explore the Depths

Ever wanted to dive in breathtaking locales like Bermuda, Hawaii […]

Spectacular Underwater City in China Draws Adventurous Divers

An ancient Chinese city that was intentionally flooded so that […]

Commercial Divers Help Remove Shipwrecks from Protected Coral Reef

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service enlisted the help of […]

Underwater Park in Mexico to Feature Sunken Battleship

In Mexico, plans are underway to open an underwater park […]

Amazing Exosuit Could Help with Deep Sea Work

A fascinating new diving suit could make it possible for […]

Superstorm Christine Reveals Century-Old Sunbeam Shipwreck in Ireland

Not much good came from Superstorm Christine, one of the […]

Divers Rescue Man Trapped Underwater for Three Days

In a survival story for the history books, South African […]

Marine Salvors Recover Wrecked Aircraft off Molokai

Recovering the week-old wreckage of a plane from approximately 70 […]

Commercial Divers Might Help Clear Path for Bertha

The Washington State Department of Transportation is replacing the earthquake-damaged […]

Mysterious Shipwreck Found in Great Lakes

Shipwreck hunters recently found the wreckage of a wooden side-wheel […]

Massive WWII-Era Submarine Found off Hawaiian Coast

Undersea explorers recently discovered the wreckage of a long-lost submarine […]

Underwater Cartographer Charted Florida’s Pristine Silver Springs

Most divers only get to explore crystal clear springs for […]

Rena Salvage Divers Tackle Reef-Damaged Ship Off New Zealand Coast

More than two years after the container ship Rena struck […]

Navy Divers Help Recover Segment of Sunken Confederate Warship

Last week, U.S Navy divers played an important role in […]

Cannons from Blackbeard’s Pirate Ship Recovered

On Oct. 28, underwater archeologists helped recover five cannons and […]

Diving Team Identifies Pre-Civil War Shipwreck off New Jersey Coast

Many mysterious shipwrecks rest on the bottom of the ocean […]

Massive Meteorite Hauled Out of Russian Lake by Divers

Salvage divers around the world have helped pull many a […]

Bomb-Sniffing Dolphins: A Navy Diver’s Best Friend

A team of six specially-trained bomb-sniffing dolphins was recently transported […]

Divers Explore Submerged Egyptian City

Stunning underwater photos have surfaced of the lost Egyptian port […]

Salvage Divers Work to Raise Capsized Alaskan Ship

A salvage team has worked feverishly for nearly three months […]

Time-Lapse Video: Costa Concordia Pulled Upright at Last

The capsized Costa Concordia cruise ship, which had been lying […]

Divers Institute Earns Military Friendly School Designation

Divers Institute of Technology is pleased to announce its designation […]

Costa Concordia To Be Uprighted This Month

The wrecked Costa Concordia cruise ship, which has been resting […]

Navy Divers, Sailors Recover F-16 Fighter Jet

On Aug. 19, Navy Sailors and Divers completed a search-and-salvage […]

70-Year-Old Commercial Diver Still Going Strong

If you think commercial diving is only a young man’s […]

Divers Find Ancient Underwater Forest in Gulf of Mexico

Hurricane Katrina unleashed massive destruction along the Gulf Coast in […]

Buried Treasure- GI JOBS, August 2013

  Let’s face it, college isn’t for everyone. Even if […]

Dive Museum Showcases Vintage Deep Sea Diving Suit

At first glance, an impressive new exhibit at a diving […]

Navy Divers May Retrieve Bombs in Great Barrier Reef

A team of U.S. Navy divers may be dispatched to […]

Divers Institute Graduate Lands Dream Job

Divers Institute of Technology is dedicated to equipping its students […]

Underwater Hunt Continues for Long-Lost Lake Michigan Shipwreck

When shipwreck hunter Steve Libert spotted a massive wooden beam […]

Antarctic Diving and Underwater Volcanoes

Exploring the breathtaking marine life along the Antarctic Ocean floor […]

Commercial Divers Salvage World War 2 Bomber

Commercial Divers Save Bomber Earlier this month, commercial divers salvaged a […]

Introducing the World’s First Underwater Sculpture Gallery

Scientists and environmentalists are not the only ones attempting to […]

Green Sea Turtle Swims Underwater Thanks to World’s First Dive Belt Built for Endangered Sea Creatures

Ali, an endangered green sea turtle, is finally getting the […]

Costa Concordia Shipwreck Quadcopter Video Footage

The 2012 Costa Concordia shipwreck resulted in one of the most […]

News Release – 15th Annual Maritime Career Day Exceeds Expectations

SEATTLE – Approximately, more than 650 students and job seekers […]

The Blue Holes Project

The blue holes of the Bahamas are among the most […]

Divers Discover Sunken Ship Carrying Precious Cargo

Divers have literally discovered a treasure trove roughly 300 miles […]

Diving Dangers Could Be Reduced With New Technology

Diving dangers could be reduced using new technology that would […]

Grounded Warship Removed from Philippines Reef

This month a 250-ton bow of a U.S warship, the […]

Deep Sea Diving History Made by James Cameron

Deep Sea Diving & James Cameron The Mariana Trench: Earth’s […]

University of Michigan Divers Discover Prehistoric Wood in Lake Huron

Video Courtesy of University of Michigan “Massive New Fossil Discovery.” […]

History of the Wetsuit

The history of the wetsuit is an interesting story of […]

Dive News: The Plan to Salvage Cruise Ship Costa Concordia

In the early part of 2012, the Costa Concordia cruise […]

Dolphin Asks for Help from Divers

On January 23, 2013 a lone dolphin asks for help […]

A Commercial Diving Career: Take the Plunge

See Post Commercial Diving Commercial diving is a term used […]

Divers Institute of Technology Upgrades Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

Divers Institute of Technology offers commercial diver training and now […]

Take a Look at Our New Website!

Divers Institute of Technology is very pleased to announce the launch […]

Veterans Not Out of Their League

After Matt Molina had finished his four years in the […]