Military & Veterans

Veteran? We Get You

Your military experience is an asset here. It will help you become a successful graduate and a future leader in commercial diving. Our veteran staff  will assist your transition from active duty to civilian life as a student at DIT.  Strong communication, clear expectations, and camaraderie are a way of life here. Our financial aid team handles post-9/11 GI Bill® paperwork every day. We’ll walk you through each step of the process so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Your $100 application fee will also be waived if you are active duty military or a veteran.

Active duty military and veterans attending DIT can receive up to $25,162.14  for tuition using the Post 9/11 GI Bill®. At 100% eligibility students can receive up to $2,748 per month, which is paid directly to the student for Basic Housing Allowance. Students can receive up to $1,000.00 per academic year for books and supplies.

Veteran Staff

Since 1968, The Divers Institute of Technology has been a Veteran Owned and Veteran Operated School. As a military friendly and VA-approved school, where more than half of our staff are veterans, we understand the sacrifices you have made to better our country. Because of your selfless service, we are honored and take great pride in assisting you with your transition into the exciting world of commercial diving.


My transition from military service to finding a civilian career right for me proved to be a challenging one. The outstanding staff at DIT helped make the transition quick and simple. The friendly and knowledgeable enrollment team, made becoming a DIT student and utilizing my GI Bill® happen virtually overnight. Many of DIT’s Instructors previously served in various branches of the military, and this helps to make it a great learning environment for our nation’s veterans. DIT’s a place where veterans can receive a first class education in commercial diving. I am more than satisfied with my experience at DIT and look forward to returning for more certifications as I progress in my diving career. – Craig Student DIT Class 102-14
Craig Student
“The Staff!! From the admissions members to the senior instructors, everyone at DIT is what made this possible for me. That the veteran instructors could relate to where the veteran students are coming from and help make the transition to the diving industry a successful one. Definitely the safety aspect, there is not a single job I do in the industry where I am not fully alert and concerned about everything involved in the diving operations and that is directly due to my experiences and instructors at DIT. There is not a single person you can’t count on here. These guys know what they are doing and will get you where you want to be.” — Jonathan South Diver/Tender at Liquid Engineering Corp. DIT Class 106-13
“From day one, the DIT staff makes sure that transitioning from the military is seamless and painless. From applying and starting your GI Bill® to Industry updates and Resume Help, DIT sets and exceeds the standard. DIT instills a solid foundation of knowledge necessary to succeed in today’s diving industry. DIT’s instructors are chosen carefully. This shows through each module you have a new and strong pair of professionals who are masters of their craft. An even mix of military veteran divers and civilian career divers make it a great learning environment for both veterans and civilians alike. They make DIT’s fast paced, cutting edge, and rewarding program enjoyable day in and day out.” – Dmitri Quist Diver/Tender at Underwater Engineering Services Inc. DIT Class 101-16
Dmitry Quist

DIT Veteran Staff

Top Row Left to Right: Steve Coleman HMC (DV), Navy; Darren Evers, 21D (Engineer Diver); Justin Shults, SSgt, USAF; Bill McGilton, 1LT, Army; Neil Hansen, CDR, Navy; Mike “Doc” Redeen, HMCS (DV), Navy; Matt Jones, HM2 (FMF), Navy; Allen Potts;  Jim Bernacki, OS2 , Navy Bottom Row Left to Right: Fred McGuckin; Randy Busby, BM3 (SAR),Navy; Swavek Wozniak, GM3, Navy-R; Doug Irish, NDC (DSW/SW/PJ/MTS), Navy; Raymond “Boy” Kayona, NDCS (MDV), Navy Not Pictured: John Paul Johnston, CDR, Navy; Sam Green, HMCS (DSW/SW), Navy;  Brad “Pete” Peterson, SSG (Combat Diver), Army; Bruce Banks, CDR, Navy