Massive Meteorite Hauled Out of Russian Lake by Divers

Massive Meteorite Hauled Out of Russian Lake by Divers

Massive Meteorite Hauled Out of Russian Lake by DiversSalvage divers around the world have helped pull many a strange item out of murky waters, but not many have had the opportunity to help hoist a giant meteorite from the bottom of a lake.

Russian divers got the chance to do just that last week in Russia’s Chelyabinsk region, where they helped recover what is believed to be a 1,257-pound meteorite from the bottom of Chebarkul Lake, according to CNN.

The massive meteorite chunk, which was pulled from the lake with cables, was so big that it fractured into three pieces, NBC news reported.

How Did the Meteorite Get There?

The meteorite haul took place eight months after a meteorite blast pummeled the Chelyabinsk region, causing sonic waves that shook the area with explosive force, shattering windows, tumbling walls, injuring more than 1,000 people and causing more than $33 million in damage, CNN reported back in February. NASA officials have said that such an event only takes place about once in a century.

What’s Next?

Following the recovery of the suspected meteorite, scientists will conduct an examination to determine if the dark rock is indeed from outer space. If this is confirmed with certainty, the massive rock will be one of the largest meteorites ever found, the CNN article explained. The meteorite will then likely be placed in a local museum for viewing.

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