Specialty Courses

DIT offers unique training opportunities to graduates and industry professionals, designed by certified instructors and supervisors to prepare you for international work, supervisor positions, and saturation diving.  Previous clients include dive companies such as CalDive, Global Diving & Salvage, local and federal branches of the U.S. Government, law enforcement and rescue agencies, Compressed Air Workers, and foreign government agencies.

Requested courses include:

  • Top-up courses for individuals desiring to earn an international DCBC Surface Supplied Air or Mixed Gas Diver Certification, based on assessment of formal training and work history
  • Unrestricted Surface Supplied Air Diving Supervisor Course, earning internationally recognized certification through the DCBC
  • Courses for inland engineers, focusing on inspections of bridges, dams and other infrastructures
  • Courses for Non-Diving Tenders, Chamber Operators, and Riggers
  • Hazards and Legislation training for OSHA, DNR, USCG, Fish and Game and WA state officials, with a focus on the current legislative requirements and rules and regulations governing the commercial diving industry and compressed air (tunnel boring) work being done in the United States and offshore
  • Search and Rescue Training for the Hong Kong Fire Department

Note: All courses may be completed at DIT, but many can be taught at the client’s location.

*These post-graduate/specialty courses are not components of the core diving program and therefore are not accredited by the ACCSC. Any accreditation and certifications pertaining to these courses are listed within the course descriptions.*

If you have a need for specialized training, or want to move into new areas, please contact the Training Department at DIT. We will work with you in meeting your requirements for training and certifications, and on a timeline that meets your needs.