DIT Students Dive Gorski Hat with Inventor Les Gorski

DIT Students Dive Gorski Hat with Inventor Les Gorski

In April, Aqualung’s Gorski hat inventor, Les Gorski, stopped by DIT to lend his expert hand to our students diving his “creation”.


Les Gorski on-site to dive his hat with DIT students this spring – Photo Credit Michelle Perrigo

Gorski, “The Man, The Myth, The Legend” , typically stops by DIT a couple of times per year, giving the students at DIT at least one chance to dive Aqualung’s Gorski hat with him.


DIT students diving Aqualung’s Gorski hat with Gorski on-site to assist. – Photo Credit Michelle Perrigo

“I’ve been visiting DIT for many years now, made lots of good friends. Of course it’s a pleasure and a privilege to present and talk about my creation with new guys coming into the industry, and being able to explain to them all the details about my helmet,” Gorski said.


Mike & Les – Photo Credit Michelle Perrigo

“It is always a pleasure to have Les come and spend time with our students. It’s a pretty big deal getting a chance to listen and interact with the inventor himself. The students get excited, and I see them really enjoy and value his time and experience!” -Mike Wendlandt: DIT’s Hatroom & Life Support Director

IMG_2445 (2)

DIT student in the water with Gorski hat. -Photo Credit Michelle Perrigo

IMG_2483 (2)

DIT Students diving Gorski hat. -Photo Credit Michelle Perrigo

When asked what it’s like working with DIT students on-site Gorski said,  “Very satisfying and enjoyable! It’s more than just work to me, I really enjoy what I am doing.”


Gorski chatting with DIT students in the hatroom. – Photo Credit Michelle Perrigo

It was a great day for DIT staff, students and Mr. Gorski.

DIT is grateful for the long-standing relationship we have with Les and always looks forward to his future visits!

Written for DIT by Kelsey Badion






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