DIT Student Rescues Seattle Police Captain And Wife

DIT Student Rescues Seattle Police Captain And Wife

DJ Campbell is a U.S. Navy veteran and commercial diving student at DIT. On June 12th, he was driving down I-90 on his way to see his father when he spotted flames in the rear-view mirror. The pickup truck behind him was on fire.DJ Campbell Truck Fire Hero

Acting quickly, DJ weaved across traffic and used his flashers to warn the driver of the pickup that something was wrong. The driver, Seattle Police captain David Emerick, used the emergency brake to stop the burning truck, and Emerick and his wife Sally escaped through the windows.

DJ helped steer the burning truck off the road and even attempted to use a fire extinguisher to put out the flames. Emerick shouted to him that everyone was safe and he should get clear. A minute later, the truck’s gas tank exploded.

After the fire was out, DJ even offered to drive the Emericks all the way back to Seattle.

Captain Emerick, impressed by DJ’s actions, is now trying to recruit him to join the Seattle P.D. Harbor Patrol.

Read the full story, as picked up by local Q13 FOX News.

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