DIT Grads At Work: 8 Cool Photos

DIT Grads At Work: 8 Cool Photos

DIT loves how its  graduates stay in touch by stopping in to say “Hello” when they are in Seattle as well as sending us awesome pictures from their jobs.

Here’s a few of their many fantastic shots!

Josh de Monbrun Diving in Alaska! – Class 102-09

Colder than it Looks

Colder Than It Looks

Offshore Photo from Sam Simpson- Class 112-08


Jack Up Rig- Offshore

Salvage Photo Sonny Schreiner- DIT Class 106-09

Costa Concordia Sonny

Costa Concordia Salvage – Italy

Max Szarka on a Tug Boat- DIT Class 110-11 


Standing under a cort nozzle.

Melanie Lyman Jumping In- DIT Class 101-11


Jadon Anderson on a Job and in a School of Fish- DIT Class 103-98


International Saturation Diver Jadon Anderson

Ty Klingsporn on a job in Florida-  DIT Class 101-12


Thumbs Up from Ty at Work!

Crystal Kizer in the Gulf- DIT Class 110-11


Tending Offshore






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