Commercial Diving School Cost: Guide for Prospective Students

Commercial Diving School Cost: Guide for Prospective Students

For the right candidate, commercial diving is an exciting and challenging career choice. Professional divers undergo extensive training, work under challenging conditions, and travel for long periods of time to build a successful career. The good news is that all the hard work does pay off in time. The salary of a commercial diver, compared to other careers with similar training and experience, can make the whole process worthwhile. With this in mind, the commercial diving school cost breakdown below can help you gauge how to move forward as you vet commercial diving programs near you. 

Commercial Diving School Cost Breakdown

The following breakdown reflects the average costs at a reputable professional commercial diving school. It shows the total cost a student would incur to complete a program within the normal length of time. It includes tuition, fees, and additional living expenses. Please remember that all of these costs will vary depending on the program that you choose. 

Tuition $25,900
Gear & Physical Up to $3,800

The budget outlined above includes the following:

  • Full-time tuition and fees
  • Allowances for books, gear, off-site room & board, food, utilities

Besides tuition and fees, all costs are based upon average expenses for most students. It is important to note that each student’s lifestyle will determine how much his or her cost of attendance will be. 

At the Divers Institute of Technology, prospective students are given as much clarity as possible regarding costs and financial aid. Reach out to our staff to learn more about financial aid at DIT.

Financial Resources at Your Commercial Diving School 

As you search for the right commercial diving program for you, consider the resources available to you. A reputable commercial diving school will have a financial aid team that can walk applicants through each step of the process. 

Online tools through the school’s website can be useful, too. Therefore, you should look for reputable programs that have digital resources at your disposal for searching frequently asked questions, calculating your expenses, and speaking to a representative. 

If you are a veteran, a VA-Certifying Official should also be available to applicants. There are many financial benefits that veterans can take advantage of while pursuing a career in commercial diving. Having an official guide you will ensure all the financial details are clearly outlined and any questions that you have are answered. 

Financial Resources for Veterans 

Many commercial diving programs and underwater welding schools offer military education benefits to veterans. For example, at The Divers Institute of Technology, a financial aid team handles post-9/11 GI Bill® paperwork every day. With this bill, active duty military and veterans attending DIT can receive up to $25,162.14 for tuition. At 100% eligibility students can receive up to $2,748 per month, which is paid directly to the student for Basic Housing Allowance. Students can receive up to $1,000.00 per academic year for books and supplies. DIT also waives the $50 application fee if the applicant is an active duty military or a veteran.

Divers Institute of Technology Can Answer Your Questions

For over 50 years, DIT has trained quality divers. We stay focused on achieving a singular mission: to train in an effective way that ensures students enter the diving industry with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed. At DIT, we care about creating a well-balanced diver, and we train students to succeed in many aspects of commercial diving. To learn more about our curriculum or find out if DIT is the right school for you, contact us today! You can also fill out an application here. 

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