Commercial Divers Salvage World War 2 Bomber

Commercial Divers Salvage World War 2 Bomber

Salvage Divers Recover World War 2 BomberCommercial Divers Save Bomber

Earlier this month, commercial divers salvaged a World War 2 bomber from waters off the coast of Kent, England. The German Dornier 17 Bomber “ crash-landed over the Goodwin Sands in August 1940, during the Battle of Britain,” according to Diver Net.

The Salvage Operation

As one would expect, removing and transporting the last-known surviving WW2 German Dornier 17 bomber proved to be a daunting task. In order to extract the wreck from its watery resting place, the Royal Air Force Museum of England contracted a group of commercial divers from Southampton to design and set up a lifting mechanism capable of supporting the plane without damaging its integrity.


Now that the bomber has been brought to the surface, it will be dismantled and transported to the RAF Museum conservation center. There the the plane will be conserved over a period of two to three years and it will eventually be displayed at the RAF Museum in north London.

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