Commercial Divers Help Repair Ship’s Propellers off Singapore

Commercial Divers Help Repair Ship’s Propellers off Singapore

Divers Help Repair Ship’s Propeller off SingaporeCommercial diving is an international career that can literally take you around the world. The recent work of a team of divers and technicians to repair the propellers on a 300-meter container ship off the coast of Singapore attests to this.

The team of divers and technicians who performed the work were employed by Hydrex, a Belgium-based underwater ship repair and maintenance company with offices in the U.S., Spain, India, and Gabon.

What Did the Job Entail?

The Hydrex diving and technician team was tasked with straightening six damaged propeller blades. The team used an in-house method that allowed them to do their work in-water so that the container vessel would not need to drydock and could continue its operations at sea, according to Subsea World News.

After conducting a thorough survey of the ship, the team discovered the propellers were so severely bent that they could not be straightened, only cropped, Hydrex reported. The ship was trimmed to bring the propeller blades above water, and a scaffolding was installed around the propeller, which let the team work on the ship dry.

The team used specialized cutting equipment to precisely modify and crop the propeller blades so that the ship could travel at greatly improved efficiency, the article explained. Finally, each blade was polished to further minimize inefficiency. All in all, the operation helped increase the container ship’s RPM up to 93 and allow it to travel at 21 knots, where previously it could only achieve 53 RPM and only 14 knots, Hydrex announced.

Consider a Career in Commercial Diving

Ever considered a career in commercial diving? Commercial divers do a wide variety of undersea work including marine salvage and ship repair as well as welding, laying foundation and inspecting pipes for oil companies. The Divers Institute of Technology can help you prepare for a globally marketable career in commercial diving or underwater welding in just seven months! For more information about commercial diving programs call us at 800-634-8377 or contact us online.

(Photo via Subsea World News)

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