Industry Talk

Here is what some industry leaders have to say about DIT graduates:


“Some of today’s most skilled and talented Tenders, Divers, Supervisors, Superintendents, & Project Managers began their careers at Divers Institute of Technology. For years the staff at DIT has been providing excellent training to those interested in starting their career in the Commercial Diving Industry.

I have worked with many DIT graduates in all positions who have made us a successful & competitive Dive Company. As a part time recruiter for both companies, I have been all over the United States looking for good entry level Tenders & DIT has always been there to provide us with motivated employees who come with a good foundation.

Students who attend DIT are given the proper exposure to classroom as well as hands on training both in and out of the water. The opportunity to actually leave the dock & dive from a training vessel really gives them a realistic look at the conditions they will be working in after graduation. I can’t say enough about this professional Team & their facility is top notch!”

-Scott L. Coker, Operations, Triton Diving

“I continue to turn to Divers Institute for quality new hire employees that I know can be relied upon to get the job done. I’ve found DIT graduates are good to go right out of the gate due to the same high quality, hands-on experience and straight-forward approach to training I received when I was a student.”

-Chad Campbell, Director of Safety and Training, Liquid Engineering Corporation

“The comprehensive training I received at DIT prepared me for a career in the inland or offshore sectors, and in my current position I still rely heavily on the knowledge I gained there to make diving-related decisions. The staff took a genuine interest in my successful completion of the program, and they still take an interest in my career. My time at Divers Institute remains one of the best experiences in my life.”

-Phil Newsum, Executive Director
 Association of Diving Contractors International (ADCI)

“I am very proud to be an Alumni of DIT, and feel now as I did when I went to school there: DIT is the best school for taking an individual and giving them the most real life experience throughout their training. The professionalism is top notch and the staff is the best. I would love to be able to come there and participate as an instructor some day.”

-Jose S. Vindeola II, Project Manager
 DSV Midnight Star

“Cal Dive International looks to Divers Institute of Technology when hiring our entry level Tenders because we know that they come to us well trained and properly prepared for the harsh working environment that we introduce them to. The open water exposure that DIT students receive gives them a taste of the commercial activities that they will be performing while working with us.”

-Travis Trahan 
Cal Dive International