Who Hires Our Grads

Jadon night rig

If commercial diving is the right choice for you, you could be on your way to a lucrative and exciting career in seven short months . Diver’s Institute of Technology’s commitment to producing the best possible divers means that our graduates are top picks for companies who are hiring. Here is a list of some of the companies who hire DIT graduates:

Alaska Mobile Welding Diving and Salvage Company: https://www.facebook.com/akmwdsco/

Atlantic Diving and Welding: www.atlanticdivingwelding.com/

Ballard Marine Construction:  www.ballardmc.com

BIDCO Marine Group:  www.buffalodiving.com/

Blackwater Divers: www.blackwaterdiversfl.com

Blue Water Marine Services: www.bluewatermarineservices.com

Bulldog Diving: www.bulldogdiving.com

Central States Underwater: www.csugulfcoast.com

Chapman Marine: www.chapmanmarineinc.com

Morrison Energy: www.morrisonenergy.com

Chesapeake Bay Diving: www.chesapeakebaydiving.com

Commercial Divers Inc.: www.commercialdiversinc.net

Commercial Diving and Marine Services: www.workingdiver.com

Crofton Diving: www.croftondiving.com

CS Marine Management: www.csmarinemgmt.com

Denizens of the Deep: www.denizensofthedeep.com

Diver Down Underwater Services: www.diverdown.info

Dive-Tech International: www.dive-tech.com

Dryden Diving: www.drydendiving.com

Diving Services: www.divingservicesinc.com

Earth Resources Tech: www.ertcorp.com

Fathom Research LLC: www.fathomresearch.info

Glenn Underwater Services: www.glenndiving.com

Global Diving and Salvage: www.gdiving.com

Great Lakes Diving and Salvage:  www.greatlakesdivingandsalvage.com

Harbor Offshore:  www.harboroffshoreinc.com

Infrastructure Engineers: www.infrastructureengineers.com

Liquid Engineering: www.liquidengineering.com

Logan Diving: www.logandiving.com

Marine Technologies: www.marine-technologies.com

Midco Diving & Marine, Inc www.midcodiving.com

Oceaneering International: www.oceaneering.com

PreCon Marine: www.preconmarine.com

Sea Sub Systems: www.seasubsystems.com

Seaward Marine Services: www.seaward-marine.com

Solomon Diving: www.solomondiving.com

Subsea Global Solutions: www.subseasolutions.com/

U.S.Underwater Services: www.usunderwaterservices.com

Viking Diving Services: www.vikingdivingservices.com