DIT is a highly-respected institution throughout the commercial diving industry. Our graduates work all over the globe and we train our students in every aspect of the industry.

  • DIT’s international certification from the DCBC (Divers Certification Board of Canada) enables our graduates to work globally.
  • Since diving requires a unique skill set, the industry promotes from within.
  • As long as you maintain good health and physical fitness, you can dive well into your 50’s.
  • The Offshore commercial diving industry is where about half of DIT graduates begin their careers.


DIT helps graduates find jobs! We bring employers to the school to meet face-to-face with our students who will be graduating. We also have job listings that regularly go out to our students and alum, mock interviews, and resume prep!

I’ve watched the Dive World for a long time now and I’ve never seen the market so hot or employers hiring so consistently like they are right now. From the East Coast to the West Coast, north to south. Inland and Offshore are booming! I’ve never seen the market so hot!

– Jake DowDirector of Placement 2022

See Where You Can Go


Going to DIT was the best choice I have made after getting out of the military. The brother hood from my the military experience almost all carried over to the atmosphere at DIT. The class you are in will definitely become your new family. The staff and instructors care so much about the students and make sure we graduate knowing the basics to make it out in the diving industry. I have also met some life long friends attending DIT. 

— Tyler Sutherland
DIT Class 102-18


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