Amazing Exosuit Could Help with Deep Sea Work

Amazing Exosuit Could Help with Deep Sea Work

ExosuitA fascinating new diving suit could make it possible for diving professionals to do deep sea work at surface pressure with surprising dexterity, according to Wired.

The Exosuit, developed by Nuytco Research Ltd, is extremely high-tech with thrusters to provide propulsion and an optional hook hand that divers can use as a tool, the article explained.

At $600,000, the Exosuit doesn’t come cheap, but it certainly has enough bells and whistles to justify the price. For starters, it allows divers to reach depths of 1,000 feet without the need for a stay in the decompression chamber.

What Are Some of the Suit’s Features?

ExosuitThe Exosuit’s oxygen systems are able to supply a diver with up to 50 hours of air due to a sophisticated recirculation system, the article noted. Divers wearing the suit control its four thrusters, which are installed in the feet of the suit and deliver 1.6 horsepower each. An upgraded version of the suit can provide up to eight thrusters for jobs that require more power.

The 18 rotary joints in the arms and legs of suit provide the diver with unprecedented flexibility as they work underwater, allowing the diver to bend and twist to get jobs done. The suit’s accessories include claws and grippers of various sizes, a hook and even a saw, which could greatly increase what a diver is capable of accomplishing underwater. Even the suit’s mask is an improvement over other diving suits, incorporating a dome that improves a diver’s ability to see what’s below them without having to bend and twist.

As if this weren’t enough, the suit’s technology also helps look out for the diver’s safety. A fiber-optic cable connection allows those at the surface to monitor and control the suit if the diver were to lose consciousness or some other emergency took place.

How Has the Suit Been Used?

So far the Exosuit has been used by divers making repairs to water supply pipes in New York City, the article reported. The suits are slated to be used soon by divers making oil pipeline inspections off Dubai.

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