Disqualifying Conditions per the Association of Diving Contractors International (ADCI):

  • History of seizure disorder other than early childhood febrile (high fever) conditions
  • Significant anxiety, panic disorder and claustrophobia
  • Cystic or cavitary disease of the lungs, significant obstructive or restrictive lung disease, or spontaneous pneumothorax
  • Chronic inability to equalize sinus and middle ear pressure
  • Significant central or peripheral nervous system disease or impairment
  • Chronic alcoholism, drug abuse, or history of psychosis
  • Significant hemoglobinpathies
  • Significant malignancies
  • Grossly impaired hearing
  • Chronic conditions requiring continuous control by medication
  • Obesity

**** Including but not limited to these specific conditions. Please contact admissions for further information. (800)-634-8377

DIT opened the door, literally, to the world with my internationally accepted surface supplied diver certification. The excellent training, assistance with job placement, and the ability to return to the campus for continued education are all factors that have allowed me to excel and continue to succeed as a commercial diver

– Sam SimpsonDiver at Triton Diving

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