Enrolling into school is a big decision. That’s why our skilled admissions team is available to help guide you step-by-step. Our admissions team works with candidates one-on-one to assess their qualifications and answer questions.

You’ll find that we’ve streamlined our application process at the Divers Institute of Technology so you can get enrolled in your program right away. We accept applications year-round which means you could get started as early as next month!

ACCSC On-Site Student Survey, surveyed 74% (112 of 152) of the 2020 enrolled student body and found the following:

99% of those surveyed indicated they felt good about their decision to attend the school; and 

98% would recommend the school to a friend.


DIT requires applicants to meet some basic qualifications. This includes having a high school diploma or GED and some physical requirements. Please see the full list.

Applicant Requirements



DIT is proud to offer Financial Aid to those who qualify. We also have resources for student loans, grants, veteran benefits, and more to help cover the cost of school.

Financial Aid


A large portion of our student population is not from the Seattle area, so our admissions team is extremely hands-on with helping you find a place to live while in school. We have a great relationship with several landlords and can even help find you a roommate. 

Housing Options

What our graduates
have to say…

Divers Institute of Technology is committed to producing qualified professionals for the commercial diving industry. We’ll work with you to make sure your career stays on course.

Going to DIT was the best choice I have made after getting out of the military. The brother hood from my the military experience almost all carried over to the atmosphere at DIT. The class you are in will definitely become your new family. The staff and instructors care so much about the students and make sure we graduate knowing the basics to make it out in the diving industry. I have also met some life long friends attending DIT. 

— Tyler Sutherland
DIT Class 102-18


With more than 20 years of combined experience in higher education our Admissions Representatives are dedicated to making the enrollment process as smooth and stress-free as possible. They are passionate about putting their students first and are here to help improve their lives through education and career training. Our team will work with candidates one-on-one to assess their qualifications and answer any questions they may have.

Jairlyn Volentine

Joey Reig

Tabitha Dillman

A day in the life of a DIT Student

Divers Institute of Technology offers our students a wide variety of support services to enhance your education experience.

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