Executive Director

John Paul Johnston, Executive Director

During his distinguished 30-year U.S. Navy career as a Saturation (SAT) diver, John Paul was a member of the Navy’s deepest diving team, reaching a record depth of 1800 feet at the Navy Experimental Diving Unit in Panama City, Florida. He participated in several major diving and salvage projects and commanded one of the Navy’s largest diving and salvage ships, the USS Edenton (ATS-1). While in command, the USS Edenton conducted the first efforts towards salvaging pieces of the Civil War Ironclad USS Monitor. Additionally, he completed several assignments involving research, development, testing and evaluation of new diving equipment and systems. John Paul’s educational experience includes teaching navigation, ship handling and composite warfare concepts at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. He has served as director of Divers Institute of Technology since 2000.

Advice to Potential DIT Students and Alumni
“This is a job; you have to work at it. Pursue it as a career. If you do that, this career will allow you to do anything you want, but you have to work at it.”