Divers Institute of Technology

SEATTLE, WA   Est. 1968

DIT is proud to maintain our quality reputation, and we know that we have this for one reason: we train quality divers. Our main priority as a school is to train in a way that when you graduate, you’ll enter the diving industry with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in your new career.

We’ve been Veteran Owned and Veteran Operated since our inception in 1968. Also, we’ve had a history of leading the field in training divers.  We were the first, and are currently one of only four programs, in the United States to offer an International Certification, the CSA . This allows you to work globally, and can open up many opportunities for you in your future career.

Here at DIT, we don’t just train underwater welders, or any other particular type of diver. We care about creating a well-balanced diver, and we will train you to succeed in many aspects commercial diving. When you attend school here, the bulk of your surface supplied diver training will be conducted in open water, giving you real world experience that can’t be replicated in pools, tanks, or quarries.  You’ll perform deep dives to 165 feet, employing both in-water and surface decompression. Your instructors here are industry experienced and knowledgeable in the field, and our intensive, hands-on, and measurable curriculum  is designed so that once you graduate, you are prepared to excel. Here at DIT, we ask a lot of you, and you’ll be expected to challenge yourself, but we’ll be here to help you each step of the way.