70-Year-Old Commercial Diver Still Going Strong

70-Year-Old Commercial Diver Still Going Strong

70-year-old commercial diver

If you think commercial diving is only a young man’s career, think again. Jeff Errington, a 70-year-old commercial diver from the UK, still counts inspecting shipwrecks and handling underwater demolitions as part of a solid day’s work, according to a recent article in the Ipswitch Star.

Errington, who leads dive classes at the largest dive shop in East Anglia, boasts 40 years of experience in the field and is living proof that diving is a career with longevity. He balances running a dive shop with working as a commercial diver for Europa Diving, where he serves as an explosive engineer.

A Storied Career

Errington first became interested in diving after joining the Royal Navy, where he served as an explosive engineer. The job essentially entailed minesweeping and ensuring that the way was clear for his fleet. Thus began a long career in commercial diving that included everything from working on gas rigs around the British coast to shipwreck investigation to metal welding, the article explained.

Is It Safe to Dive at that Age?

Errington told the Ipswitch Star that he must pass a medical test every year to confirm that he is fit to continue diving. He said he plans to stop diving only when he feels he can no longer do his job effectively. While he believes his experience sets him apart from the younger crop of divers who work alongside him, he still hopes to inspire them and others to keep on diving.

Consider a Career in Commercial Diving

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