4 Most Common Commercial Diving Industries Around the World

4 Most Common Commercial Diving Industries Around the World

A commercial diver who trains in the US will most likely start their career in the US.

However, international jobs are a very real possibility for any commercial diver. Such jobs often come about when their US-based company is contracted out to a job in another country.

A diver may find himself or herself in any number of places around the globe. But there are some places that are more likely than others.

The simple reason behind this is that commercial divers are in higher demand in specific industries.  

So, where in the world are commercial divers likely to end up working?

The Middle East: A Major Center For Oil Production

Wherever there’s water, there’s an opportunity for commercial diving. But more certainly, wherever there’s oil, there are commercial divers and commercial diving jobs up for grabs.

While the Middle East holds a huge portion of daily oil output, there is no disguising that this oil is quickly being depleted. So the region is looking for other possibilities to keep up with worldwide demands.

Saudi Arabia is investing heavily in developing offshore oil and gas fields. Qatar, one of the world’s largest gas suppliers, gets almost all its gas from offshore fields.

Oil Platform in Saudi Arabia

Nearly 20%, or 113 rigs, of the total 290 on contract today are in the Middle East, with over 16% of the worldwide total being in Saudi Arabia.

And guess who helps get all these platforms set up and who handles the dangerous underwater maintenance?

Yep, commercial divers.

China and Singapore: Growing Infrastructure Throughout Asia

Towards the end of 2018, the Chinese government is set to open the longest overwater bridge in the world.

The Hong Kong-Zhuhai Macao Bridge is a set of 3 massive bridges and one tunnel that are interlinked to create a record setting fixed-link bridge.

Construction site of Hong Kong-Zhuhai Macao Bridge

This giant of engineering would have been impossible without commercial divers working tirelessly to conduct underwater surveys, help build the sea wall, and undertake foundations.

China is not the only country in Asia with a thirst for commercial divers.

In Singapore, a country with very little spare landmass, companies such as KBA Marine are hiring divers to help with everything from ship repairs to marine construction.   

Without question, it is one of the fasted growing regions in the world for commercial diving.

Wind Farms in India and Africa

Last year, the small Indian island of Mauritius announced plans to develop its offshore wind capabilities.

The country is not alone, vast numbers of African countries are beginning to wake up to the potential of wind power. Following world leaders such as the United Kingdom and Germany, Africa is looking to begin tapping its enormous offshore energy potential.  

With so many global projects planned and already underway, there is a huge market for commercial divers now and in the future.


The development of global tourism needs underwater infrastructure.

And commercial divers are needed to make it happen.

Everything from building new ports to laying underwater fiber optic cables, divers are hired to lend their professional hand.

However, if you are looking for a little more fun from your diving, then you can always look for a job guiding tourist divers down to deep shipwrecks.  


Dream of going on a cruise? Want to get paid for it?

Quite a few opportunities exist for commercial divers aboard cruise ships.

Divers may act as instructors, teaching passengers to scuba dive in exotic locations. Or, if teaching isn’t your thing, divers are also needed to perform maintenance on the boat while it’s docked at various locations.

Not a bad way to get paid to see the world.

Certifications for Working Abroad

If you are not already a qualified commercial diver then you will need to head back to school.

Fortunately, there are lots of top schools like The Divers Institute of Technology (DIT) that offer internationally recognized commercial diving programs.

Successfully completing the schools “Entry Level Diver/Tender certification,” which is accredited by the Association of Diving Contractors (ADCI) and the Unrestricted Surface Supplied Diver certification from the Diver Certification Board of Canada (DCBCallows all DIT graduates to work both domestically in the U.S as well as globally too.

If you’re intrigued by the opportunities of commercial diving and you dream of traveling the world, then look no further than DIT’s commercial diving program. They will ensure you are well prepared for anywhere in the world your career might take you.

Aran Davis, Writer for Water Welders

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