Commercial diving is a career like no other. Divers Institute of Technology has been training world-class divers since 1968. Our faculty and curriculum are respected throughout the industry, with DIT graduates working all over the globe. Our program trains divers to excel throughout the commercial diving industry, from the offshore petroleum production to inland underwater construction, nuclear power diving and any other area divers may be employed.

Offshore Commercial divers are often in the field 300 days a year, working a few weeks or months at a time. Divers work on sub-sea construction, pipelines, oil rigs, NDT, inspections, and salvage. DIT’s international certification from the DCBC (Divers Certification Board of Canada) allows our graduates to work globally, from Singapore to the Congo, and places in between.


Inland divers inspect and maintain the infrastructure of piers, dams, bridges, irrigation systems, and water tanks throughout the U.S., including the cooling ponds of the nuclear industry.

Diving requires a unique skill set, and the industry promotes from within, which provides an endless opportunity for advancement. As long as you maintain good health and physical fitness, you can dive well into your 50′s: the industry will take you as far as you want to go.

Overseas, underwater and on the move, the one place you’ll never find yourself is stuck behind a desk.