Commercial Diver

The Divers Institute of Technology offers an intensive, 7-month program for those interested in commercial diving. As a leading educational facility in the industry, DIT has been training world-class divers since 1968, developing a global reputation for diving smartly and safely. Today, our graduates are working throughout the commercial diving industry from the offshore petroleum production to inland underwater construction and nuclear power diving.

Commercial Diving

DIT’s curriculum takes in to account all knowledge and skills required to be successful as an entry-level commercial diver, whether employed domestically or internationally. DIT’s state-of-the-art facility and up-to-date curriculum is respected throughout the industry. DIT instructors routinely take leave of absences to refresh their skills in the commercial diving industry. This ensures our curriculum remains progressive and relevant to all aspects of the commercial diving industry.

DIT’s training dives are completed in open water from 12′ to 165′, giving students real world experience that can’t be duplicated in pools, tank or quarries. DIT’s underwater welding and burning is completed in a controlled 11,000 gallon tank facility. This facility allows DIT welding staff to fully monitor students’ progress, and provides for real time instruction on their underwater techniques.

DIT’s program prepares students for the expectations of the commercial diving industry, and how to exceed them. Focusing on team success, students develop skills in leadership and support roles, performance management, and involved decision-making.

New classes start monthly at DIT, with availability at a premium. Please contact an Admissions Representative for start dates and information how you can get started.